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"I have stayed at River Valley House with my family over a number of years, and cannot recommend it highly enough.  The house itself is comfortable, elegant, beautifully decorated and practical for kids as well as for grown-up relaxation.  I run my own business and so access to good WIFI and reception is important to me; all of these things are catered for at River Valley House and I have always been able to work easily when I need to.  The pool and poolside area are ideal for kids, with steps for the non-swimmers to play on, a long length for anyone wanting exercise, ideal for sunbathing and a stunning view of Mt Kenya.  River Valley House is ideally situated on the flank of Mt Kenya, with easy access to Nanyuki and multiple Safari choices depending on what is best for you and your family.  From Sutton River Valley HouseI have been flown to Borana and  Sosian and been camel safari walking with Karisia which are all accessible by car or by helicopter.  Chris Stewart is an excellent helicopter pilot, and will cater for any bespoke requests; on a particularly memorable occasion, we flew low over the Loldaiga Hills into Borana Conservancy with such amazing scenery and beautiful music playing that my mum was moved to tears.  River Valley House is an exceptional place to stay and any visitor will come away refreshed, having had a lifetime memorable experiences”.  


Lucy Bevan

Casting Director  


“If Karen Blixen was to dream of Africa today, she would no doubt be imagining River Valley House.  This modern day ‘Tara’ from Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara’s beloved home, is spectacular in its setting and scope, and clearly created with love by Amelia and Richard Leach from 2010.

A large stone house built in the paradisiacal plains of Laikipia surrounded by little else but fields of herbs and landscaped gardens. The swimming pool, only a stone’s throw from the house, is big enough to burn off all the delicious local food you will eat but also ideal for both children and adults to enjoy splashing around in the cool water. The house’s interiors are spacious yet homely, designed to be quintessentially English in their style and comfort with added touches of African heritage. Honestly, if I could dream of anywhere to spend my holidays – it would be River Valley House”


Josephine Goodbody

Jewelry Specialist & Author




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