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Amelia studied Spanish and History of Architecture at Newcastle University before heading to Kenya in 1995. Five years later; having successfully worked as Camp Manager at Rekero Lodge in the Masaai Mara and at Island Camp on Lake Baringo; Amelia returned to England and worked in the marketing department at L’oreal, and Burberry  in London where she was head hunted to move on and work at Guards Polo Club PR & Marketing office. Through polo Amelia utilized her Spanish and worked as a journalist covering the sport in England, USA and Argentina, where she also presented polo on ESPN.   Amelia returned to Kenya in 2009 to work for Unique Eco, a marine conservation and plastics upcycling NGO in Nairobi where she met Richard.  Amelia speaks fluent Spanish in addition to colloquial Kiswahili. 

Amelia’s Aunt and Uncle preceded her in Kenya.  Her Uncle, Professor Mike Rose taught anatomy at the University of Nairobi. He carried out field studies of the locomotion of Kenyan monkeys and analyses of Kenyan fossil apes and hominins."Mike was consulted when "Lucy" the skull was found in Ethiopia.  The earliest one of its kind.  
Cordelia was the Exhibition Designer for the Nairobi National Museum and also helped set up the Lamu Museum.   

Richard studied Agriculture at Newcastle University and then joined the British Army where he spent six years as a commissioned officer in the infantry. Always planning to fly helicopters with the Army Air Corps, he unfortunately had to prematurely leave the services with irreparable knee and spinal injuries. He later took up a post as yard manager then assistant trainer in a horse racing yard. Injury again played a part and after an equine injury, he opted for a safer role as a security consultant bringing in Sumatra, training the Army in UAE and as a contractor in Iraq. From Iraq to the UN World Food Program and a fascinating tour of Yemen, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan before becoming an operations manager in Algerian oil exploration. Algeria led to Mauritania, to Kuwait, to Ethiopia and then to Kenya where his family had been farming intermittently since the 1930’s. While running an exploration support company in Kenya, Richard finally completed his helicopter training and qualified as a commercial pilot in 2009. Joining up with Amelia to create a viable herb farm and hotel out of rough high-altitude scrubland which proved the ideal fallback whilst continuing to support exploration in remote areas of Kenya and across the Horn of Africa.

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