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We love and respect the environment that we are so privileged to live in and do our best to work alongside it in our daily lives.  All of our waste is upcycled, compost goes back into the organic vegetable garden, aluminum is melted down and upcycled and burnable waste is used to heat water for the farm workers accommodation.  We harvest rainwater from our roof which is stored beneath the house in a 100,000 litre tank which is used to water the grounds around the house.  There is a solar bore hole, solar water heating in the house and solar and ground source heating for the pool.  We have a bio-digester which cycles into garden irrigation. 


We use as much fresh produce as we can from our organic garden vegetable patch, fresh eggs and dairy products are from neighboring farms and we try wherever possible to use meat from the ranches that surround us.  

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We try wherever possible to employ from our neighboring village and ensure that skilled workers are supported in their development and acquire new skills every year. There is a drive to employ women in particular in the months leading up to Christmas to generate income.  We have a staff of 30 in total working on the farm. 



Amelia is involved in various community projects in the area which you are welcome to visit or support if you wish.


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We are lucky enough to wake up every morning to the silhouette of magical Mt Kenya looking down on us and are grateful for the team and volunteers that work tirelessly to protect it.


            Other affiliates;

            Save the Elephants, 

            Space for Giants


            Laikipia Wildlife Forum

            Elsamere Trust 


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