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The Farm

The River Valley Farm is owned and operated by Sutton Hoo Ltd.  It is an HCDA vetted and compliant culinary herb growing and exporting business.  The farm is KS 1758 and GlobalGAP certified, a SEDEX member and is SMETA Audited.  

The farm operates 24 open air growing blocks of 0.2 to 0.3 Ha. Each block is served by a fertigation system running through 

63mm main pipeline into 50mm submains feeding lines of Netafim pressure compensated 16mm drip tape for each raised bed.


The crops currently growing include:


Lemon Grass x 0.5 blocks, Mint x 1 block, Oregano x 1 block Rosemary x 9 blocks,  Sage x 3 blocks,  

Tarragon x 1 block, Thyme x 5 blocks  


Dill & Coriander


River Valley Farm has an exclusive sales & marketing agreement with Honey Badger Herbs based in the City of London. 

Honey Badger Herbs has markets within UK including high-street retailers & food processors also in the Middle East. 


Volume & Sales Capacity:

The farm can produce in excess of 2,500kg per week from the existing mainlined irrigated blocks.  

There is a further 5 acres of flat fertile land, currently under rhodes grass which could see production increased to over 4tons p/w.


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