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Medical Considerations 

Covid-19: The property is ideal for sheltering from Cv-19. The average daytime temperature is 27°C an that combined with the high UV Index gives the virus no chance to exist outside the body.  The house is 100m from the property boundary fence and access is via the farm main gate where a hand washing and sanitisation station is permanently in operation for the farm's bio-security. 


Malaria: The property is in an extremely Low-risk area for malaria, please see your doctor about malaria prophylaxis required depending on your onward journey (especially if traveling to the coast).  Your local doctor can also advise you on any other vaccinations required for visiting Kenya. 

We are twenty minutes from Cottage Hospital in Nanyuki.


Travel Insurance 

You should have your own personal health and travel insurance before coming on to view. 

You may want to insure yourself with Flying Doctors – medical insurance which covers airlifts in an emergency. 


What to pack – 


The climate and weather in Nyeri & Laikipia are very variable due to the altitude.  We are on the equator so air temperatures are hot in the midday sun (an average of 27°C) and can sink considerably in the evening due to the 6,400ft altitude.  So pack for every eventuality.  Swimwear, cotton shorts and trousers, hats, sunglasses, sunblock, a light layer for the evening.  Long sleeves are also good to protect arms from the sun.  If you are climbing the mountain then our guide will tell you what to bring – ski jackets etc, and cross-trainers are useful for less severe walks, safaris, and bush terrain.  A fleece can be useful for these adventures too.  


VISAS – you will need a visa to enter Kenya.  Visit and bring the receipt with you if the visa is not issued before your flight.  Do this well in advance if possible. They can also be purchased at JKIA immigration.  Ensure your passport is in date.  It needs to be renewed six months before the expiry date for Kenya.  

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