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Bird Watching 

Short Biography

Alex was born and raised at the foothills of Mt. Kenya; where his interest in nature and animals began. Today, he is a naturalist in the beautiful Mt. Kenya region, Africa’s second highest mountain. During his childhood days, he would spend his leisure time watching National Geographic films. He continued his passion for nature through his school days. He enrolled as a member of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and begun practicing as a tour guide while still in high school. He later joined Dedan Kimathi University of Technology for a Tourism Management degree course. After completing his university education, he joined the Mt. Kenya Biodiversity Conservation Group; a local Site Support Group affiliated with Nature Kenya. Through the group, he has managed to engage local community members in birds’ conservation and regularly leads bird walks at the Mt. Kenya Forest and its environs. He is passionate in research and biodiversity profiling projects. While in campus, he conducted a research project on the population of Hinde’s Babblers in the Mukurwe-ini region; an endangered species that is also endemic to Kenya. He has also completed a certificate course in Fundamentals of Ornithology at Elsamere Field Study Centre. He is a member of Nature Kenya- the East Africa Natural History Society. He often engages his tour groups in amazing fun facts about the flora and fauna of East Africa. He has continued to enrich his skills by traveling across many parts of Kenya, making him an all rounded and resourceful guide. ​

Attractions To Visit:

Mt. Kenya peaks View Point.

Here, visitors can hike to Mt. Kenya up to the View Point and enjoy the magnificent views of the main peaks of Mt. Kenya. The hike is usually conducted via the Sirimon route. Visitors also can have their picnic lunch while there.


  • Bird watching. Look out for Slender-billed Starlings and Jackson’s Francolins

  • Day hike up the mountain to the view point.


The hike takes a maximum of six hours. Charges are US $20


MauMau Hideouts

Central Kenya was a major hotspot for the rebels of the British colonialists. Several landmarks exist within Naromoru area where hideouts were used by these rebels (MauMau fighters). A major visited is the popularly known as the “MauMau Caves.” A nature trail that passes near the Burguret River all the way to the hideout exists. 


  • Bird watching; Look out for African Golden-breasted Buntings, Hartlaub’s Turaco and Verreaux Eagle-Owl.

  • Nature walk to the hideouts.

  • A visit to the Mt. Kenya Eco-resource Center to learn about the Mt.Kenya ecosystem. 


The Nature walk takes a maximum of seven hours. Charges are US$25


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