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Riding Safaris 


Olepangi Farm - Riding Stables


We have stables at the farm with 18 horses, a mixture of safari horses and polo ponies suitable for different levels of riders. Our max weight limit is 95kg’s. 


Horse Riding Lessons - We have an enclosed arena where we can offer horse riding lessons for complete beginners, these are often finished with a short ride around the farm. We charge $60/Ksh6,000 per person for a lesson. 


Outrides on the community land - This ride is approx 2 hours and takes guests out of the farm and onto the neighbouring community land. We have a variety of different routes and a few nice cantering spots. We can offer this ride to novice riders but we will go to the pace of what the weakest rider is capable of. We charge $60/Ksh6,000 per person for this ride. 


Game Rides - We offer game rides into the neighboring ranch which has an abundance of game. These rides are 3 - 4 hours long and are for experienced riders only. We need riders to be confident in all paces and be in control of their horses at all times. In order for us to take clients our with the game, they must have ridden with us without a game before. A nice package to offer guests is a community ride in the morning, lunch at Olepangi Farm ($25/Ksh2,500 per person) and then a game ride in the afternoon. We charge $110 per person for the game ride + $58 per person conservation fees for non-residents and Ksh1,200 per person for residents. 


Rides need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.


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