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Third generation Kenyan brothers, Jay & Amory, are enthusiastic & knowledgeable in the bush. They founded Lattitude to create an exciting and truly memorable experience for guests with something a little different from the norm. Our expeditions take you on quad bike or buggy through the rugged wilderness of Northern Kenya, where true adventure off the beaten track awaits. The safari follows tracks through muddy, rocky, dusty terrain, where the nomadic tribes of Northern Kenya remain true to a traditional way of life. We offer day expeditions as well as full safaris into further flung areas of Kenya. On longer expeditions, we send out a mobile camp to set up in advance of our arrival, where we camp overnight before setting off again the next morning.

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The 500 cc Oxo Kart Buggy is a two-seater and is the perfect option for a couple or friends to ride together over the tricky terrain of Northern Kenya.


Quad Bikes 

The Yamaha Grizzly 300cc is single seater, perfect for lone riders to enjoy time challenging themselves through the different terrains we tackle. Whether it’s through muddy tracks, shallow rivers, sand luggas or rocky valleys, these quads perform exceptionally well.

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